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KabaFusion is a home infusion company that truly excels in its approach to patient care and positive clinical outcomes. Our success is the result of teamwork from a dedicated staff that is empowered to make a difference.

About KabaFusion

At KabaFusion, we are guided by our commitment to positive clinical outcomes and excellence in specialty acute and immunoglobulin infusion. We are dedicated to working proactively with patients, healthcare practitioners and payors to provide comprehensive support before, during and after treatment.


KabaFusion is a pharmacist-operated home infusion company specializing in IVIg (intravenous immunoglobulin), SCIg (subcutaneous immune globulin), acute infusion (anti-infectives, inotropic, hydration), and nutritional therapies (enteral, total parenteral nutrition).

Along with our state-of-the-art compounding pharmacies, we also continue to strive to set the standard of quality compassionate nursing care for our patients and their families.

Because of our dedicated and highly skilled staff, we are able to employ a multi- disciplinary approach to the continuum of care for those patients transitioning to the comfort of their home.


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Working At KabaFusion

Hear directly from actual employees and find out what they love about working at KabaFusion! 

What I love most about working at KabaFusion is how team-oriented we are. I can count on my colleagues for anything! Working in such a great atmosphere makes it easy to bring a "can-do" attitude, and what I do here gives me a sense of purpose.
Katie Heath
Katie Heath
Corporate Training Coordinator
Amazing collaboration with internal stakeholders, in addition to a great payer team, is a huge motivator for me. The more managed care contracts we secure, the more patients we are able to have a positive effect on. Togehter we are broadening KabaFusion's impact every day.
Murali Sastry
VP of Managed Care
Teamwork is the heart of a successful enterprise. United we stand, divided we fall. At KabaFusion we are able to embrace this concept to enable us to achieve our patient-focused approach to patient care.
Fidelis Fynn
Fidelis Fynn, PharmD., IgCP
Director of Operations - MA
As a nurse at KabaFusion we have the rare opportunity to work hand-in-hand with our patients and their care team to improve the quality of life for all of our patients.
Gloria Harmon, RN
Nurse Manager - MA
I feel very fortunate to be able to support and assist such a talented and dedicated group of professionals help make a difference in our patients lives.
Kathy Kecy
Kathy Kecy
Corporate Executive Assistant
Working at KabaFusion provides me with the opportunity to work with world class clinicians. Togehter we are delivering unparalleled patient care.
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito, RPh.,BCSCP
Sr. VP of Operations - NJ
KabaFusion has an unparalleled focus on patient care and an unwavering commitment to exploring existing and novel therapies for rare and often debilitating diseases.
Fawad Piracha
Fawad Piracha, PharmD., IgCP
Sr. VP of Clinical Affairs
I am passionate about technology and it's application in our everyday lives. I love having the opportunity to be a liaison for cutting edge technologies and a resource for implementing these in our workplace.
Briana Mason
IT Project Coordinator

Human Resources

Meet our HR team and learn about their passion and what drives them to do the work that they do. 

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